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The Emma Community is an incredibly vibrant, united and strong community. However, the relationships, trust, infrastructure and resources that have been built by community residents is at high risk of being lost, particularly due to the devastating pattern of replacement of mobile home parks with condominiums and commercial properties across the county. Emma Community Ownership (ECOP) is working to create tools and strategies to prevent displacement and to protect the tightknit nature of mobile home communities which keep our families safe. ECOP formed a research team comprised of residents of the Emma Neighborhood and surveyed nearly 200 Emma residents to assess the quality of life of residents of mobile home parks, to understand risk factors for displacement of low income residents due to gentrification, and to begin the creation of an Emma Community Plan. website: https://www.poderemma.org/home Facebook: @emmacommunitycouncil


Las Casitas Real Estate Cooperative

Las Casitas Property Refinance

This is a refinance of loan #2723 (6 Lacey Lane Purchase Loan) to lower the interest rate to 5%, per Seed Commons real estate guidelines

Asheville, United States
March 1, 2022
US $124,740.67

Power in Numbers Bookkeeping

Power in Numbers Business Growth Loan

Loan to bring on an experienced bookkeeper and provide raises to worker owners and provide more benefits. This capital will be used to increase capacity and allow coop to scale their work at a sustainable pace.

United States
August 1, 2023
US $45,000.00

Las Casitas Real Estate Cooperative

Las Casitas New Member Loan

Las Casitas, a four year old housing cooperative is seeking lending to buyout a membership investment of 36,026.18.

Asheville, United States
February 4, 2022
US $39,324.27

Mahetsi Community Real Estate Cooperative

Mahesti: Refinance of purchase to include repair/improvements

Refinancing of Mahetsi purchase loan 3088 to add repair and improvement lending for the cooperative.

Asheville, United States
July 31, 2022
US $496,816.00

La Esperanza Community Real Estate Cooperative

17 Westside Drive Purchase Loan

Purchase of additional commercial property by La Esperanza Cooperative to further the mission of community owned properties to steward, protect and strengthen the Emma Community. The property is located in Emma and less than a mile from La Esperanza Community Real Estate Co-op.

Asheville, United States
December 22, 2022
US $2,635,100.00