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Detroit Community Wealth Fund exists to empower innovative historically-marginalized Detroiters by providing non-extractive supportive loans to co-ops and community-based businesses in Detroit. We seek to support the creation of democratically-controlled businesses. We see democracy in the workplace as a powerful model that addresses concrete community needs and shares our vision of a transformed and equitable economy. We are part of an emerging national peer network of loan funds that aggregates non-exploitative financing to scale this work. DCWF is also working to continue establishing a larger cooperative network and economy in Detroit. We will do this through outreach and public education events that build a strong cooperative network. website: https://www.detroitcommunitywealth.org/ facebook: @Detroitcommunitywealthfund


Brick and Mortar

Loan for Heating Installation

A loan to install heat into the B&M House

Detroit, United States
November 4, 2019
US $15,000.00

Public Thrift

Start Up Loan for Public Thrift

Working Capital loan to cover labor and overhead to open Public Thrift

Hamtramck, United States
September 29, 2022
US $41,000.00

Spoons Consultancy

Start up Loan for Spoons Consultancy

Start Up Loan for Spoons Consultancy

East point, United States
June 8, 2021
US $37,500.00

Black Bottom Garden Center

Line of Credit for BBGC

Line of Credit for Black Bottom Garden Center to purchase inventory for their retail business

detroit, United States
May 4, 2022
US $10,000.00

D Loft Commercial Kitchen

Increased Start Up Loan for D Loft Commercial Kitchen

A secured asset loan for kitchen equipment for a commercial kitchen for D Loft Cafe

Oak Park, United States
October 18, 2022
US $58,750.00